How to drive safely with a camera nearby ?

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Re: How to drive safely with a camera nearby ?

FrancoD wrote:

24IS wrote:

Mark S Abeln wrote:

I keep mine on the floor behind my seat. It won't go flying anywhere with sudden braking, and no one can see it from the outside.

If I see something good, I just reach behind me to grab the camera. Usually, I have a longish zoom attached, 70-210 mm, which is small and lightweight enough to be easily moved around in a hurry, and works well for capturing roadside detail.

Passenger side floor has always been my choice. Quick access, and there's not really any place for the camera to fall, or for that matter, "go."

I suggested that because that is what I do

Sorry, I missed your comment, or I would have added my support to it.

but I think it is a far too easy and no cost solution so not likely to be popular here.

No question that sometimes it is difficult to be on the, um... correct side of the consensus.

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