Mark Smith 100-400 vs 500pf

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Re: Mark Smith 100-400 vs 500pf

Ricardo00 wrote:

J-Z wrote:

Ricardo00 wrote:

Joel Klein wrote:

He claims the 500pf is inconsistent.

I think a better summary of his two videos is that he finds that the Nikon 100-400mm lens works better on the Z9 for close large birds then the 500mm PF lens. This is not particularly surprising since the 100-400mm was designed to work with the Z cameras (ie. the image stabilization of the body works with that in the camera, etc).

What is more surprising is that a "dedicated Sony" user ordered the Nikon 100-400mm lens (the one used in his review was borrowed) and, from his comments, the 800mm f/6.3. Hmm, maybe he is beginning to like the Z9?

He used to be a Nikon user with D850 and D500.

Yep but switched to Sony. That is why I put dedicated in quotes. Prior to this moment he favored Sony. Maybe dedicated isn't the correct word? Recent convert?

Typical Ex-Nikon Youtuber behavior .. they praise Nikon until the day they have a change of heart and then they switch to Sony and from that point onwards they never miss a chance to criticize Nikon.

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