MW Panoramas: Optimizing time for foreground images

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Re: MW Panoramas: Optimizing time for foreground images


Sorry, but the usual suspect again

I just wanted to comment on the internal NR: I wouldn't use it as there are better ways to reduce noise and hot pixels:

1) The inbuild NR is a dark-frame subtraction and hence it's very time-consuming. A much faster way would be to take the foreground pictures without NR and take one or several dark-frames afterwards (with lens cap on). Taking several dark-frames would have the advantage of averaging to reduce non-stationary noise. You can subtract the dark-frame with any astro software or simply as layers in PS and 'subtraction'

2) There is also software for noise and hot-pixel removal. The modern RAW-converter will already remove most hot-pixel and the 'dust and scratch' filter in PS is a very powerful tool to remove remaining hot-pixel. To be honest: I only have that problem on old images where I took >10 min exposures for startrails (lesson learned). The modern Topaz software is very good for noise reduction and sharpening, but also not that cheap .....

My time for the MW has already ended and I will get astronomical darkness in mid-August again. Due to timing- and weather restrictions I wasn't able to take any serious MW pics during the last winter (but I got compensated by the Aurora).

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