16-55mm bokeh quality?

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Re: 16-55mm bokeh quality?

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I'm trying to decide whether to keep my current EOS R system and get the 24-105mm f/4L, which would be fairly similar in depth of field to the 16-55 (with a little added range) but I can't really find any good quality bokeh shots from either lens. I know you need a bit faster aperture on APS-C and full frame to get really good prime quality, but for an all around zoom solution I think I'd be fine with f/2.8/f/4 on either format. I am having a really hard time finding samples of the out of focus transitions and bokeh quality from the 16-55 though, so if anyone has any please send them my way!

Bokeh wise, the best results are produced, when it comes to Fuji zoom lenses, with the 16-80mm at 80mm f/4

The excellent 16-55 has much nicer and better bokeh at 55mm F2.8 than the average 16-80mm lens at 80mm F4.

I disagree (I've had the 16-55)

This is a response that begs for a lab example of how good the 16-80 bokeh is within the 16-55’s focal length range.

Why within the 16-55mm range? I said at 80mm f/4 it has the best bokeh of any Fuji zoom lens.

Some examples from flickr






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