Cancelled my order for 50 mm 1.8S : 50 1.8G Vs 50 mm 1.8S

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I ordered 50 mm 1.8S from Amazon yesterday but cancelled the order in a couple of hours after watching this comparison video.
I already have 50 mm 1.8G and as per the video there is not much difference unless you pixel peep.

Z 50 1.8 S:

50 1.8 G:

I have read all the reviews already (including PL).
This is the first thing I do to read/watch at least 10-15 reviews from well known websites.

Ok, so you were well informed prior to ordering the lens, liked what you were reading presumably enough to order the lens(?), then after ordering just happen to watch some U-Tube video and suddenly cancel your order? Now you come here and advertise all that to the forum? What’s your point and message here? Start a controversial mega thread just for the sake of it? Contrarian attention seeking perhaps?

No, I was fully convinced that 50 mm 1.8 S is a huge improvements but as soon as I pulled the trigger I started searching on Youtube to feel better then I came across that youtube video that is comparing it against 1.8 G version that I already have.
To make matters more confusing I also have Tamron 45 mm 1.8.

Looking at your gear list it seems you are reasonably heavily invested in DSLR/F-mount lenses and don't own any Z lens to go with your (recently acquired?) Z6 yet? The 50mm 1.8S probably would be a decent way to get your feet wet and try out native Z-mount lenses without breaking the bank.

I have 24-70 F 4S kit lens that I use a lot.  I don't use DSLRs as much as I use my Z6 for the last 2 years.

I use my primes with FTZ adapters and they perform much better than when used with DSLR.

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