The myth of the perfect shot from the first try !

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Re: The myth of the perfect shot from the first try !

Tbamed wrote:

Hi, I beleived that, and with experience I could acheive the perfect shot from the first try .

If I've learned something during my photography journey ,uptill now, it is that there is no thing such as the perfect shot from the first try !

As a matter of fact, I was shooting on single mode, now it is constantly on the continious mode (even for static objects ) .

Bold formatting is mine.  How did the great photographers of the past get great photographs when they went out with a limited number of rolls of film or even worse 8 or 10 large glass plates for an entire day of shooting.  Maybe they were better at their craft than some of us are.

You remind me of the guy who was on an Alaska day trip out of Seward that I was on.  He basically saw the entire day trip through the viewfinder of his camera.,  The trip was about 8 hours.  He was shooting at least 8 or 10 pictures per minute.  That comes to about 4000 pictures on just that one day.

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