Lightest sports/action/BIF long zooms to complement your P950/P1000

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Re: Focal ranges of the best BIF mirrorless setups

p900learner wrote:

Booted Cat, I didn't read this entire discussion - perhaps wouldn't have understood quite a bit of it anyway in terms of different camera specs and so on.

Anyway, from a "simple" photographer's point of view and my limited camera experience -

I returned the Sony RX-10 IV - complicated menu system that would have been a big learning curve for me, not sure I wanted to dedicate time and effort to learn it. But the main reason it just didn't have enough reach for me - shooting birds and wildlife. It was a simple trade-off reach vs the 1" sensor which would be better for low light conditions.

For my skill level in using cameras I really didn't see myself as a better photographer with the Sony.

I can purchase any camera I wish within reason - would have been happy to pay the increased cost of the Sony, or even a nice OLY mirrorless with a nice lens if I really thought my images would be significantly improved to my untrained eye, or to whoever might be kind enough to view them.


I did the very same thing that you did regarding the Sony RX-10 IV...I also found it had a big learning curve....hated to return it but did for the life of me I have been looking and looking but cannot find a P950 new anywhere....I am on the B&H list but it has been like for ever....

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