Another attempt to get Bluebell tones right

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Re: Another attempt to get Bluebell tones right

A wild, speculative conjecture for your entertainment...

Could it be "tetrachromacy"? I was reading about it recently. Grossly over-simplifying for brevity, some folk have a 4th type of cone in their retinas which lets them see more colours. Sensitivity (colour range) varies between individuals as there are other mechanisms that act similarly, albeit to a lesser degree. It's not a complete have it or not thing. Some get an extended colour range, most only see more shades of colour.

My idea is that a monitor can't reproduce the colour a tetrachrome saw under full-spectrum white light, no matter how broad its gamut. No RGB camera sensor can capture it either. This is because the different wavelengths (colours) are sorted into only 3 buckets - labelled R, G and B. The tetrachrome, however has cones sensitive to R, R/G, G/B and B - overlapping wavelength ranges. So relative to the tetrachrome the monitor has lumped some of R/G into R and some of G/B into B, with what's left over all going into G. That discards the particular colour information that only a tetrachrome can see.

Therefore: you notice the difference because you are a tetrachrome. I see it too!

Gotta go, nurse says it's time for my medsĀ 

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