Is the new 2470ii an improvement in image quality over the first version?

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Re: Is the new 2470ii an improvement in image quality over the first version?

Nokiron wrote:


What would have made you upgrade? With that logic you will never need to update, and that's fine.

An infeasibly large improvement might have, but being infeasible, it wouldn't happen.

The second part is correct. I bought the best I could when I could, and they're still more than good enough for my needs. I doubt I have enough time left on the planet to gain any new needs anyway - so the lenses I have will see me out. I might grab a newer camera release at some point, if it's compelling enough, but that's about all.


The last part you mentioned is far from what's happening though. Besides the point that the dedicated camera market is shrinking there isn't any room for a cheap entry into the market. And as seen with the electronics market as a whole, prices will continue to rise across the board, and as of now there is absolutely no indication that prices will "return". This is no fault of Sony as an individual company, it affect all of them. Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm etc

Agreed, I shouldn't have singled out Sony on that point.

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