Is the new 2470ii an improvement in image quality over the first version?

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Re: Is the new 2470ii an improvement in image quality over the first version?

aSevenArr wrote:

nomnomnom wrote:

I tried looking for reviews, even the dpreview one doesn't mention anything about image quality.

I'm absolutely sure that it is slightly improved but that's not the real question that you should be asking.

Is it $2500 improved? IMHO most likely not.

I own the original GM and it's an excellent lens. I certainly won't be upgrading based on pre-release reviewers and launch hype.

They're called "influencers" for a reason (but they're all basically Sony salesmen whether they realize it themselves or not). I take all of their videos with a bit of salt.

I'll reserve judgment until I see a very good reason to go to all the trouble and expense to replace an otherwise perfectly good and very sharp lens.

But if you are on a limitless budget and must own the latest gear then go for it.

Totally agree.

The latest V2 lenses all seem far too expensive as an upgrade to V1 versions. I love the look of the 50/1.2 GM, but I have the Zony 50/1.4ZA already and simply can't justify the cost of upgrade for what would be a marginal improvement in my typical uses.

Similarly with the V2 70-200GM. My V1 one works fine and the weight is not an issue. So I'd gain too little from an upgrade to warrant the cost.

The new 24-70GM is even easier to ignore. I only got one for wedding work which I since packed in. I don't really like the lens that much and almost never use it now, so I'm not even interested in the new version. But if I were, the same benefit vs cost to upgrade issue would apply - and I still wouldn't upgrade.

Perhaps Sony are finally reaching the limit of what keen togs are willing to pay out and may be milking the cash-cows a tad too hard now...

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