240 fps with a 'large' sensor?

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Re: Shoot at 4K 120P and Use Optical Flow technology to Slow More

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

This video was shot at 4K 120P, showing movement in real speed then slowed down by 10X using optical flow technology.

Is this using DaVinci Resolve's "Speed Warp" option? I've found that to give great results, although you do need to pony up the fee for the Studio version to be able to use it.

The free version can do frame interpolation as well, but there are certain kinds of scenes where it can product pretty bad results.

Yes, DaVinci Studio "Speed Warp." That $299 for Studio is a good investment, especially compared to getting a new camera capable of shooting high-quality 240 fps full-frame when the OP already has a FF camera capable of shooting 4K 120p.

Yes, maybe this is where the best solution lies.

I already have Premiere and After Effects, because I have a subscription to Adobe CC for work, so I'm reluctant to pay for Da Vinci Studio, but OTOH it's not that much more than Topaz Video Enhance AI (USD price is $199 I think?) and positively cheap compared with a hardware upgrade. Still I must experiment with the Adobe software first.

Do you have experience of both - can you comment on the difference?

My take is that if you are not as sensitive to possible motion interpolation artifacts, then speed warping would be the way to go while maintaining high resolution. I'm more sensitive to motion interpolation effects from speed warping than resolution loss in certain scenes with very fast or erratic movement which is why I would shoot at a higher frame rate and then upscale with VEAI with those certain shots.

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