240 fps with a 'large' sensor?

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Re: 240 fps with a 'large' sensor?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

senzazn12 wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

I can record very nice 120 fps video on my R5 at 4K, and 90D at 1080p, but I'm looking for something which will record more fps - 240 would be ideal, for 8x slomo.

I know I can get 8x at 2.7K from a GoPro Hero 10, but I need a bigger sensor and a good optical zoom lens. 4K would be ideal, but full frame is not needed. M43 would be fine, or APS-C.

Pre-roll recording would be highly desirable, in fact almost essential.

I have Canon gear but I'm more than happy to look at something else for this project. Any suggestions?

Here's some slowmo shots that include the A7S III and the RX10 IV 480/960 fps modes. I use Caprock filters to smooth the aliasing/moire in the HFR modes and use Topaz VEAI to upscale. I'm still hoping for an A7S series camerasin future that can give us 480 or 960 fps.


That's much better than I expected - thanks for posting it. After initially watching it on a tablet, I played it again on my 32 inch 4K monitor. You can clearly see the limitations but as I said it's much better than expected, and very usable.

I'm curious about the Caprock filter. I understand the principle, but doesn't Video Enhance AI handle unfiltered footage equally well? The examples on the Topaz web site seem impressive.

I'll download the free trial of VEAI and try it with my RX10 Mark IV, but of course I don't have a free trial option for the filter.

Yeah, it definitely has its limitations and won't be as good as a real 1080P 480 fps or 1080P 960 fps file but doing this method does make the footage noticeably better than the out-of-camera footage. You can get away with just using VEAI without the Caprock filters (depending what you're shooting), but I find that VEAI doesn't smooth out the aliasing/moire as much compared to with the filter. The filter does soften the image a bit. But in my opinion, I don't mind softness as much. What really bothers me is the aliasing/moire which I feel the Caprock filters/VEAI does pretty well in smoothing although not perfectly. If you aren't as sensitive to the aliasing/moire then you can just use VEAI. I will post more samples soon and hope to make a more detailed video on the Caprock/VEAI combo. Let me know how VEAI works for you. : ) I do get more inconsistent results with 960 fps shots. The 240 and 480 fps are the most useable after VEAI.

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