Tips with Olympus 100-400mm

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Re: Tips with Olympus 100-400mm

Some questions & ideas:

Did you ever before work with such a long lens? A good technique is at least as important as the gear you use.

Start using the lens without the TC, until you are getting good results. 400mm (dare I say it: 800mm eq.) is quite long, so probably you'll need to practise a lot.

Which camera?

From the photo's I get the impression you're *much* too far away from your subjects.

If you suspect the stabilisation is to blame, do some testing: OIS and IBIS on, only OIS on, only IBIS, both off (at 1/2000 you don't need it anyway).

The 300mm Pro without TC is better, sharper and has sync-IS, however with the 1.4TC the difference is smaller compared to the 100-400 without TC @400mm.

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