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I know a couple people that would go to fists when arguing whether the Minolta CLE is the best camera Minolta ever made or not. It is not my preferred form factor though.

SRT101 - The only Minolta camera I have with mirror lockup which makes it perfect for mounting on a telescope or microscope. It is also fully mechanical and usable without a battery.

XD11 - A great stout camera that has always done an excellent job for me.

X700 - The latest greatest hi-tech manual focus camera and has always giving me excellent results. The XD11 has a more solid feel but the automation of the X700 is nice when you don't the camera frequently.

Maxxum 7000 - My father purchased one in 1985 and it is what I learned photography on. It did everything I needed for high school and college level photography classes. I still have it. It still works perfectly. I like the solid feel of the metal body. For the price they go for today it would be REALLY difficult to find a better bang per buck in the used film body market. This was my only camera for 20 years!

Maxxum 7 - The latest full featured pro level camera. I have only had mine for a few years now but really love using it! I prefer it to my Maxxum 9 which is a bit heavier and a bit more bulky although built like a tank!

Maxxum 70 - The last Minolta film camera (I believe) It is nice and sleek. Perfect for taking on a trip. I miss the intuitive controls of the Maxxum 7.

Minolta Z3 - Not a top of the line camera but my first digital camera in 2005. I have thousands of photos from this camera and I am very pleased with them. At the time I could not justify paying a premium for a top of the line digital camera when I knew it would be antiquated in a year or two so I went for the middle of the line. I didn't get a DSLR until the Sony A33 which I felt was finally superior to film and a worthwhile investment.

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