Mike Lane - OM-1 . Does it work as well as the Sony A1

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Re: Mike Lane - OM-1 . Does it work as well as the Sony A1

Hmm1000 wrote:

Jappie52 wrote:

Hmm1000 wrote:

The video doesn’t make this point directly, but comparing to older videos about the M1 X, Mike lane sees 1600 as his ‘limit’ iso for both cameras, ie no change.

His calculation on the keeper rate exceeding the sony A1 is basically the same as mirrorless comparisons

No, he does not say it's his limit, but rather his default setting. "It's just a starting point". Watch the video again around 7:00".

Understood, and there's a difference between 'limit' and limit, if you see what I mean.

OK, no problem.

Typing on a phone, I was being a bit clumsy. What he says, as I remember, is that 3200 is where he sees noise becoming a problem, and so he takes 1600 as a starting point -- though I'm not sure if he really means that precisely, as in the earlier video he talks about having a custom setting for static birds with a much lower iso. But if he's the Mike who commented above in the thread, maybe he'll give us the gospel version.

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