I tried a mirrorless. Have you?

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Re: I tried a mirrorless. Have you? Yup.

I got back into photography a few years ago after indulging for many years in another expensive hobby of hi-fi audio.  I found like hi-fi audio, photography shares all the same superlatives, and the argumentative bases and origins are no different between analog and digital.  My last SLR was a Canon from 25 years ago, and before that a K1000 with fond memories in the dark room.

When I returned back to photography, I contemplated on building a film system for the love of all things analog but abandoned that route mainly due to long term film development and print costs.

Over the past few years, I'm jumped from Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sigma DSLRs' and mirrorless, and most recently Pentax - until now.  It's a maddening process.

The pros/cons of OVF/EVF are well discussed.  If I could get a full-frame mirrorless with the X-Pro3 hybrid OVF/EVF without FOV limitations, Sigma's color science for all things but skin where Canon would come into play, Sony's AF, Olympus IBIS, Pentax weather proofing, and all this in the body size/grip and weight of a Z6/Z7, I could quite possibly have the perfect camera for me.

I recently let go of my K1 Mark II / 645Z systems.  Truth be known, they are bargains in their respective categories, but after my OVF desire was overshadowed by the combined weight, size, mirror slap, and color/exposure differences from the time of the image and in post, I decided to stick with mirrorless from here on out.  I do admire Pentax/Ricoh in sticking with their guns with DSLR/OVF despite everyone one has jettisoned from it.  What that means in the long term of things is another discussion.

In the end, I guess no matter what system we choose and use, it is a means to an end for capturing moments in time that inspires use regardless of analog or digital when it boils down to the eye of the beholder.

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