Best grease for lens focusing helicoids?

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Re: Best grease for lens focusing helicoids?

I have a friend who does this (and needs to finish re-greasing a AIS 85/1.4 for me. He said the #10 and #30 are both too heavy and wanted to try the #1500. Any thoughts on that one?

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I couldn't really find a section that was fitting for this topic, but ended up choosing this one since the people into adapting old lenses would probably be the most likely to know about re-greasing old lens helicoids.

So, can anyone recommend to me a pro-grade grease for re-greasing lenses that will maintain its consistency at high/low temperatures and last decades without hazing internal lens surfaces or getting on aperture blades?


The grease is have used often is (#10 & #30) from can also bought it at for less $, it's also on eBay) they are silicone based, #10 is very light(note the silicone oil can separate out), it works a whole lot better than most greases I've tried, effort is very much reduced especially if the helicoid threads have a fine pitch. Here are some old links:

I can't seem to find any other listings on eBay other than this one which is expensive. If anyone finds another listing for less $$ please post it

An update on grease I use, I use, I mostly use the #10, I find the #30 to have too much drag, lately there are a few lenses that I have had some issues with the grease getting into the aperture mech because the helicoid is so close, for these and a few other lenses, I have been using Helimax XP, it's in-between the #10 & #30 greases for drag/resistance feel of the focus ring, it's best for helicoids that have a short path to the aperture mechanism or optics, it doesn't separate out like other greases, definitely recommended for the first time DIYer. It's available on eBay.

I also came across some new grease I've not seen before, looks like it may be similar to the Helimax XP, if anyone has used it, please post your thoughts on it.

To apply the grease, I use a small artist brush (2-3mm) and brush the grease on in a very thin uniform layer, it doesn't take much, use too much and the excess will be pushed out and will be free to go where you don't want it.

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