LG 32UL950-W 32" 4K Monitor for Mac Studio

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Re: LG 40WP95C-Widescreen 4K Monitor for Mac Studio

It is so hard to find a decent monitor it seems: there is always something to nit pick.

Are there no clear best alternatives in the way of a non-Apple 4K monitor (ideally 32" but also can consider 27")?

Looking for something with good quality for photo editing, and even willing to go above Apple Studio price if it really warrants it (but not by much).

I have seen some quite-a-bit more expensive options that would be superior, but rather than pay a LOT more in those cases I think I would prefer to just opt for the cheaper Apple Studio Display.

So what else would you all recommend as an Apple Studio Display alternative at a comparable price point?

Here are some alternatives with CAD$ pricing (vs. Studio Display cost of CAD$2000):

  • Dell 32" 4K Ultrasharp U3223QE $1460
    (or their 27" Ultrasharp U2723QE for $1140)
    (or their 27" Ultrasharp UP2720Q for $2530...BUT that is too much)
  • ViewSonic 32" 4K VP3268a-4K $1325
  • BenQ 27" 4K SW270C $1000
  • BenQ 32" 4K SW321C $2500 (even for a 32" 4K seems too high a price for a BenQ)
  • Other?

Appreciate any recommendations in the CAD$1000 to $2500 range, but it really has to be compelling if it costs more than the CAD$2000 of the Studio Display).

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