F-to-Z Migration: Recommended First Z Lens (for Z9)?

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Re: F-to-Z Migration: Recommended First Z Lens (for Z9)?

VBLondon wrote:

I don't have much to add to all the good advice above, just to mention I found your post interesting because your F lens set has a lot of overlap with mine in 2019 when I went to Z.

Given you are moving to Z, I'd say you are in a good place - having older F mounts means the transition to Z will be really meaningful. For example, my one "latest, greatest" F lens was the 70-200 2.8E - I can't say I noticed any optical difference with the Z, just nice not to have the adapter.

But the 24-70 2.8 non VR? Noticeable difference and the Z lens is lighter and smaller than the bare F lens without the FTZ.

When you get around to it, you'll also notice a big improvement in some of the lesser used lenses in your kit. 85 1.8D was a lens I had some affinity for - compact, had produced nice pictures over the years - until I compared the results with the Z85 1.8. Big difference!

You should also look carefully at your used lens selling strategy. I found that people pay quite reasonable money for 15 year old F mount lenses in good condition, but selling to a Nikon dealer was much worse than to a reputable online buyer like MBP.com (I had no interest in trying to ebay them myself). I have no idea how used F lens prices will move, but it feels that F to Z migration has accelerated recently, so the mid term outlook for used F prices (particularly of the older F lenses) might weaken.

Good input, thanks!

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