a7 iv tracking too slow?

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Re: a7 iv tracking too slow?

Magnar W wrote:

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It may not be tracking...you have a moving subject that requires a fast shutter speed to "freeze" the action.

my speed is 1/1600. not enough? if I switch to electronics shutter, will it be better?

  • Do NOT use electronic/silent shutter for fast action with other cameras than the A9/A9II and A1. Electronic first shutter curtain is fine, though. If this choice results in uneven background/dark upper area, switch to full mechanical shutter.
  • You might need faster shutter speed than 1/1600 sec.
  • What lens are you using? A fast focusing lens?
  • Try to use full area AF, with eye focus activated, and then try other AF settings if needed.

Post an example. This should ensures better analysis of what could be done to get better results.

I formatted card so I lost these samples. I will try to shoot kids on swing next time.

The lens is 200-600mm, I believe you maybe right, this is a SLOW AF lens, because I remember in the first day I shot some birds , slow flying and very good light. all are very soft. However, when I shoot static subject, they are very sharp and I am very satisfied. I just sold my Canon 60D and EF 70-300mm which never had focus issue for moving subjects.

Might also be that your camera technique needs a refresh; how you hold the camera and keep the subject in the frame when shooting action. My guess is that the lens should be up to the task.

I did further research on 200-600mm, I believe I am wrong with claiming it is SLOW AF lens, , it is actually a good AF lens fast enough for my task like you said.

I used 60D and 6D for birds and airshow many years, the hit rate was above 60%. I upgraded to a7 iv but my currently hit rate is 0%. I am sure I did something wrong here. it should be better than my old Canon combo.

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