Insane prices Canon FD lenses

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Re: Insane prices Canon FD lenses

I've got a 50/1.4 and a 35-105 I'll sell for an even grand if someone wants?

Nightanday wrote:

I own a few of the better Canon FD lenses that I like to adapt to my Fuji and Sony once in a while just for fun.
I bought them only a few years (4-5) ago for what I would call a reasonable price (eg 135mm f2 for 250€, 100mm f2 350€). I was thinking of adding a few more classics and came across the fact that these sell nowadays for insanely high prices e.g. the 85mm f1.2 aspherical… even the lenses I bought earlier seem to be much more expensive now:

Has anyone got an explanation for this? I mean these lenses ar good but not better than modern native lenses. I would never even consider buying the 100mm f2 for 1800-2000€.

What happened? Is this a pure collector’s thing?

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