Mamiya Sekor rangefinder 48mm 1.9/1.7/1.5 lenses, a question.

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Re: Diagram in link

Tons o Glass 0 Class wrote:

It doesn't look unusual (looks like a pretty typical double gauss type design) so the f/1.5 may not be of interest to you?

As seen in the blog linked to above ( )

Below are a few test shots from my hard drive.

A bokeh ball test - did I already mention mine was optically messed up? This is either in the balsam or are grinding marks from someone trying to buff away haze.

An otherwise not very useful image showing the mid-frame swirl

Matt of Matt's Crazy Lens Adventures checked this lens out I believe, but his photostream may still be gone.

Thank you for the images and the research. You are right that I am less interested in the more common lens designs when adding vintage compact camera lenses to the small collection I already have. For IQ on sensors vintage SLR lenses are a better source. The 1.5 lens itself in the black version will look very nice on any camera I think.

There is some contradiction in your message with info I found here;

The 1.7 should have the 7/5 construction where the 1.5 has a 6/4 double gauss design. Not that the info there is totally reliable, the 1.9 is described as a modified gauss while it is more a Plasmat type, as already mentioned in this thread.

Interesting might also be the Mamiya 35 Magazine 50mm 2.8 which should be 5/3, so could be a Heliar design or one of the other Tessar competing designs with an extra element. In general the older the compact camera lenses the more chance an odd design is used.

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