spec'ed out 2019 mbp – convince me to upgrade to m1?

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Re: spec'ed out 2019 mbp – convince me to upgrade to m1?

I didn't switch from MBP 2019 but I have it as my work machine, while my personal computer is 14" M1 Max so I can compare.

The biggest differences are:

- M1 battery life is better (with what I do, approx. twice).

- M1 has SD card slot (I didn't know how much I've missed it until I got it back)

- It's much more quiet under heavy load

- UI seems more fluid but not sure if that is because of raw performance or because Apple does some magic with how screen is being refreshed.

Nevertheless intel based machine is still very capable and I do some heavy lifting with it - coding, compiling, data analysis, running hundreds of automated tests in parallel. It gets hot, fans are spinning but it gets the job done.

I guess you should calculate what is the best for you from financial standpoint - sale value of intel machine is going down and will probably drop suddenly somewhere in the future when Apple will no longer support. On the other hand M1 is not a cheap toy and your immediate gain from the switch will not be so obvious.

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