Old Skin Tone Formula vs Today's Skin Tone Formula

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Re: Old Skin Tone Formula vs Today's Skin Tone Formula

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

bobogdan78 wrote:

Some people say Batdude has got this recurrent theme or gripe about the most hyped cameras in the business. One way or another he is clearly dissatisfied and maybe for a good reason. I only want to bring to your attention a few side by side comparisons between various cameras and Fuji S3/5 and I won't say anything more, You can do if you like.

The color differences here have as much to do with white balance and exposure as they do with "color science", much of which could be compensated for in-camera. I have little doubt you could reproduce the same look from either RAW file (if that's what you really want, it certainly isn't "natural' looking, IMO), it's not hard to get in the ballpark just using the jpeg...

Thanks for your answer and attempt. I'm aware this is a quick jpeg post and the change in WB and exposure seems to even things out, however to my eyes the Fuji S3 manages somehow to deliver some rich tonality in skin tones and an overall interesting look which is not the case for X-Trans. Indeed, Fuji S3 doesn't look accurate but that's the beauty of it.

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