Mac Studio Max vs Ultra question - worth a quarter more?

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Re: Mac Studio Max vs Ultra question - worth a quarter more?

strathglass wrote:

I am wondering if it is worth the premium to go for Ultra over Max configuration:

Mac Studio: Max (10/32/16 cores), 64GB RAM, 8TB SSD, Studio Display/Kybd/Trackpad

Mac Studio: Ultra (20/48/32 cores), 128GB RAM, 8TB SSD, Studio Display/Kybd/Trackpad

In Canada the configurations above are such that I pay 28% extra for the Ultra.
(Without the accessories so you compare just the Mac Studio itself, it is almost a 39% premium, but I need the accessories, so to me it only makes sense to compare the total system costs.)

I am mainly using Capture One, Affinity Photo, Topaz tools, and Helicon Focus for Nikon D850 raw files (Z9 soon).

Now based on the DPReview review, I would normally stick with the Max. But when I load up with SSD etc, and when I don't max out the cores on the Ultra configuration, it is "only" 28% extra as noted.

Given the s/w tools I use noted above, I am wondering if it is likely I will eventually see a notable performance difference that makes the Ultra cost premium of 28% worthwhile.


I am using M1 Max laptop (14") with 32GB of Ram and it's already almost an overkill - I use LR Classic, Affinity Photo and Exposure X6. Sometimes Luminar AI. Most recently I edit a lot of Leica Q2 files which are almost 50MPx. Sometimes I merge panoramas (usually from 5-7 images or HDRs from 3 - 7 images). All applications are smooth and I have never saw any performance issue - UI is responsive, import/export goes fast.

Ultra is a beast but I think it's targeted more for video people and professional graphic designers etc. who frequently work with 8GB+ files.

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