RX100 III Doesn't reverse screen for selfies LiveView

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perry rhodan
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Re: RX100 III Doesn't reverse screen for selfies LiveView

sludge21017 wrote:

CookieRepairProjects wrote:

I successfully got it working by articulating it back and forth until it fixed itself oddly enough, now works fine

The hinge needs to hit the magnet on the body or one of those ways. (magnet hinge needs to hit the sensor on the body).

Bumping the thread.

My RX100M5A had the same.

The new larmorg ggs screenprotector was the culprit. Whatever I tried it didnt work (the screen view didnt flip). Only very thin and next to useless screenprotectors are usefull when shooting selfies.

Still hoping for a reaction from the larmor team. Bummer!

On other sonys like the hx90 and hx99, with the different flipscreen there was no problem.

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