Samsung S22 Ultra vs S7 edge details

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Re: Samsung S22 Ultra vs S7 edge details

phouphou wrote:

Disdain wrote:

It would be niche, but you're talking to the dude that bought the Nokia 808 PureView and both the S4 Zoom and Galaxy K Zoom lol.

These seem outrageous, what is the appeal? Being able to instantly share?

I cant imagine its fun to use such a phone for calls, browsing, navigation. How was your experience?

I'd personally much rather carry a Ricoh GR in one pocket and small phone in the other and use one or the other when i want/need to. Both experiences will be much more "pure".

And the GRii allows me to send RAW via wifi to my phone, giving me complete control over the processing via LR mobile app. But i wish i didnt have to go to the app, enable wifi and do the whole process. What we need is a camera like the GR that sends images to the phone instantly, so we can share just as comfortably as with the phone itself.

The PureView as fine to handle, probably one of the most comfortable phones I'v used.  The S4 Zoom was more tricky due to the design and where the camera stuck out more.  They refined it much more with the K Zoom and that was actually very nice to use as long as you had the case with the lens cap on it.

The appeal was just having a half decent travel zoom camera with you at all times.  Was great fun on holidays.  Travelling a lot lighter than having a phone and camera.   Nothing to do with any instant sharing etc, which I wouldn't have been doing back then at all.

What if you could have your Ricoh GR as a phone?  Assume better ergonomics to fit as both devices.  I've always wanted an RX100 phone or at least something like an LF1 type camera but as a phone.

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