Mac Studio Max vs Ultra question - worth a quarter more?

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Re: Mac Studio Max vs Ultra question - worth a quarter more?

robgendreau wrote:

BTW, if one does decide to buy an Ultra over a Max of some type look at this video:

As I said before, I don't think the OP would see huge differences with the faster machine. But a big caveat is that if one bought one and if one switched from C1P to LrC one could see a very big jump in performance in some tasks. See at about 16 mins in the video.

C1P didn't seem to benefit as much from the Ultra's speed.

And even in LrC the speed gains were in import and export; he tests some huge HDR and pano merges and the difference between machines isn't as apparent there either.

Finally, note that more RAM can make a difference. Also, I saw that a spec'd up MBP 16 might also be faster...maybe that's worth considering.

Many thanks for the link Rob. I've only had time to read some of the comments and yet so far some have added valuable info to the video results (including comments from ArtisRight). If I was in the market for a Studio Mac I would take the time to scan all of the comments to find the most helpful insights relevant for me.

If I already had a Mac that was getting the job done for now, I would wait a while for more image editing tests like Barefeats and see how the software makers I rely on respond to the capabilities of the new hardware. I'm not inclined to rush in and buy hardware so soon after it has been released.

I tend to keep my fave Macs for a long time and at almost 68 years old, a Studio Mac might be the last Mac I ever own. So I would want it to be as close to Just Right as possible without spending more than I really need, even though I can afford a top of the line Ultra (if I actually needed one, which I don't by a Country Mile LOL )

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