Fujifilm - good or bad for analogue photography

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Re: Fujifilm - good or bad for analogue photography

Gesture wrote:

Agfa Kodak Fuji major entities as far as color emulsions. Not good to lose any world class knowledge and manufacturing capacity. So, BAD.

yeah i agree pretty much on what you said. It would be bad. Fujifilm has probably the best manufacturing capabilities of all the film players in the market today. Bar none i would even say. not even kodak. All products Fuji make are superbly built and well thought out.

Its the little detail that counts. Like putting self-adhesive tape on the end of a 120 roll so you could just peel and be done with it. While you have to lick kodak's sticky tape (really kodak??). Fuji's 120 film spool/core is also insanely well made, it makes kodaks offering look crude in comparison.

When's the last time fujifilm has any defect? none that i can think of.

When's the last time Kodak has any defects? too many to count. Backing paper issues, mottling, the bad xtol batch fiasco, etc etc

I've even read Henning confirming that fujifilm has a near zero defect rate for the last decade or so. thats just incredible.

Not to mention their films are actually really good. Their superia line-up is imo really underrated. (Fujicolor 100 and Superia xtra 400 are really good)

All this with comparable and even cheaper prices than the competition. The japanese really know their stuff.

Its just that Fuji is run like a corporation from the 80s. With old-school style management and no communication whatsoever.

To have this much manufacturing expertise gone would be a major blow to the film industry. If Fuji pulls out of film, there would be even less incentive for Kodak to improve their manufacturing capabilities because kodak would then have a near monopoly.

Fortunately, for black and white we have Ilford and Kodak as major entities. Not sure if Foma is still fully functional. Bless, Ilford, in particular for keeping so many high quality products in standard production. Kodak B&W emulsions have been falling away.

But I still have a small stash of Ektapan sheet film and Verichrome Pan roll film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Konica, long gone, had some fine emulsions, also.

I can reminisce about an era with family run neighborhood photo stores that had almost every chemical and photo paper can could imagine, even before the era of mail order.

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