Presets vs Look Up Tables (LUT) for editing

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Re: Your statement doesn't go quite far enough

Glen Barrington wrote:

A "preset" is a recorded set of adjustments unique to a given piece of software. (Lightroom, ACDSee, CaptureOne, etc.) It records things like "Set exposure to -2" or, "increase saturation to '10' ". Presets, when used, affect the image 100% of the time.

A Look-up table on the other hand, looks at a specific color/luminosity that might be found in an image and replaces it with some other color/luminosity. If that combination of color/luminosity doesn't exist in that image, nothing happens.

One can, to some extent, replicate a LUT with a preset, but the ability to conditionally ignore the preset in an automated manner is virtually non-existent.


Thanks Glenn, that's the explanation I was looking for. Another question: Can a LUT change colors? For example change greens to oranges for the look of Autumn or is that asking too much?


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