New Mac Studio Display or 27" EIZO?

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I believe you, but availability is another thing; Eizo is much better available where I live. Support also seems very good.

Eizo seems to have something of a lock on the quality-display market in the EU. But NEC displays are available in Europe and the company maintains many country-specific websites.

Here is the Sharp NEC Display/Netherlands website. I could only find an English version. There is a short list of distributors and NEC customer support contact info. FWIW, my experience with U.S. customer service is among the very best I have used in over 27 years dealing with computer companies. Whether dealing with a complicated tech question or a problematic NEC retailer, they have bent over backwards to help me out.

Thank you. I’ve visited this site. Those wide gamut NEC PA monitors still are very hard to find. Not even a “regular” commodity with local distributor. Good to read about your positive experiences with NEC.

Of course there are many variables to consider when selecting computer hardware. It may be that Eizo meets more of your personal requirements than NEC.

That may indeed be so. Don’t know yet. First thing I follow now, are tests and (user)reviews. Both Eizo and NEC seem to have many satisfied users.

Just read this thread and thought I would let folks know the NEC PA line has been discontinued.

Says who? No indication of this on

I was going to buy the NEC PA311d but since it is is discontinued I worry about support into the future. I was tempted by the aesthetics of the studio display, but have ordered an Eizo. Will get it in a few days so will see if I like it. Judging sharpness on my 5k iMac is tricky as everything looks sharp on a Retina display. Also want better ARGB coverage than will be available on studio display. I suspect studio display will be better looking and work more seamlessly but all choices involve compromises.

I spoke directly with NEC in the US and that's what they told me as well.

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