New Mac Studio Display or 27" EIZO?

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Re: New Mac Studio Display or 27" EIZO?

Erik Grossman wrote:

I keep my display at 150 but I tried 120 beforehand and I simply found it too dim. No buzzing noise at all. I think the person who complained about this had a defective display (whether 110v or 220v).

Understand that most people don't know how to correctly profile this display since there are zero controls on the monitor (not even an on/off button).

Under monitor settings you need to set the preset to Photography (P3-D65) and then click on the preset "fine-calibration". I use DisplayCAL; you take the measured values for X, Y and Luminance and the target values for X and Y and your chosen luminance (120 or 150 for example). You then profile the display.

Personally, I disagree with the view of Matt Klowskowski that profiles don't matter. One only has to look at the difference pre- and post-profiling of the display. How can you white balance or edit a picture if you can't be sure that what you are editing is being properly displayed in terms of color to begin with (even if you never print).


I sold my 2019 5K  iMac to order the Apple Studio Display and plan on buying a Mac Studio.

I've always calibrated my iMac with the i1 Display Pro with good results, but recently, have done the new Apple style calibration fine-tune calibration method on my 14" MacBook Pro - used ccProfiler. It's really easy and seems to work well.  I compared it to my iMac before I sold it and it matched up well.

I agree with you about Matt K.  I run this laptop in the standard display reference mode with True Tone on for general computer use.  However, sometimes I forget to initially turn on the photography mode before opening Lightroom and everything looks off.  I do believe that many people spend too much time fine tuning calibration to the point where 99% of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  The general rule is that if you are properly profiled and at a proper luminance level, then your images will almost always look good on a non-pofiled bright screen device.

And good to hear about the ASD not having any noise.  Any noise on the Mac Studio?  There are so many posts all over the place about the fan whine high pitched sound.  I haven't ordered yet mostly because of this reason.

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