Connecting Mac Studio to NEC PA322UHD or PA311D or Eizo CG 319X

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Re: Connecting Mac Studio to NEC PA322UHD or PA311D or Eizo CG 319X

Tom_N wrote:

MiguelD wrote:

I'm quoting from an NEC document dated July 16, 2021 and published with M1-specific SpectraView II information. Perhaps you know more than NEC and their support engineering staff.

On the NEC site, do they recommend not to use HDMI when the choices are

  • Using HDMI (because the DisplayPort input is damaged, and repair parts are not available), or
  • Throwing the monitor away?

A HDMI cable or USB-C to HDMI adapter cable is cheap enough (relative to the cost of a new high-quality monitor) to be worth trying as a way of saving the expense of buying a new monitor.

Here is the link to an Eizo support document addressing compatibility issues between Eizo monitors and M1 chip Macs.

This is from a recent post on Lula:

"Apple, NEC, and Eizo recommend in their published connection guides using USB-C to DisplayPort cables when DisplayPort monitors are connected to a Mac Studio computer. NEC and Eizo do not recommend using HDMI cables with current Mac systems. The HDMI issue predates Apple silicon and M1 macs and is an operating system default that has existed for the past few years and macOS versions. What happens is that when an HDMI connection is detected the OS may default to outputting video signals using Limited Range YUV with Y (luminance) limited to 16-235 and UV (chroma) limited to 16-240 instead of full range RGB 0-255 values. This why color accuracy and banding issues may be seen with HDMI. Basically the operating system assumes that you want to output broadcast video content to a TV display instead of RGB content to a computer monitor.

* Links to Apple, NEC, and Eizo recommendations can be found in this previous post in another thread."

They did not make this recommendation in the belief that owners had defective DisplayPort inputs and they wanted to coerce them into buying new monitors rather than using HDMI cables. It’s unfortunate that is my case, but it is what it is. Time for me to move on, not cut off my nose to spite my face.

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