Keep yer adapters and caps organized!

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Re: Keep yer adapters and caps organized!

Neat, though I prefer my approach that less adapters is best and one size lens cap goes along with that.

Metabones IV  EF to FE, and many lenses have their own adapter to EF or are modified to EF mounts.  All with EMF confirmation chips for FL and Max Aperture reporting. Some native EF mount lenses.  I also have the Sigma MC-11 for historical reasons.

Some bellows with modified FE mount at the rear.  Front can have EF or M42 female mount, reversed too.

Maybe 15 lenses got an FE mount. Most salvaged from compact cameras or fixed lens SLRs.

M42 is another mount I add to odd lenses like salvaged scanner and enlarger lenses. Usually for indoor use only.

EF and FE rear lens caps with velcro at the rear to fix them at the bottom of my bags.

3D printed lens hoods for most with a filter size at the front of 58mm to keep them universal too.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
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