New Z 24-120 or Keep my 24-200

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Re: New Z 24-120 or Keep my 24-200

david4546 wrote:

Thanks. I’m a stills shooter with little interest (at least for now) in video. Mainly want to avoid getting inferior glass for people and landscape images.

I’ll be coming from a D7200. My primary outdoor lens is the 18-140 which is pretty good. My most used lens is the 16-80, which I love. Those two lenses are representative of the quality of glass that I’m accustomed to. I believe that these two lenses are the crop equivalents of the two lenses being discussed in this thread.

I realize that I may just have to choose between IQ and flexibility/reach. I also have a 50 1.8 that can solve some indoor problems that neither of my F mount lenses can solve.

I think you might be overthinking this.   I think like you said you should probably choose between IQ and reach.  If your main goal is IQ and stills then get the 24-120 unless you really need the extra range of the 24-200.   People will have different opinions about the degree of difference in IQ but I don't think anyone denies that the 24-120 is better.   I found the 24-120 Youtube review by Ricci helpful and he does compare the two lenses.
As for the IBIS vs VR you also have to consider the constant f4 of the 24-120 vs the slower 24-200 (at least it will be slower in the focal range that benefits more from IBIS and VR).  There is a stop or more difference starting I think by 70mm or maybe even earlier.   So unless you need to stop down you will have the option of a higher shutter speed assuming the same ISO.

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