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Re: Flash problem.

cheekybud wrote:

I recently acquired a Samsung NX 300 camera complete with a SEF 8A mini flash which was working fine. However in my inquisitive nature I thought I would try to use a more powerful flash unit !! I fitted a Nissin flash to see if it would fire Bad Move ! The flash didn't fire okay I thought no problem.........wrong ! Now the mini flash supplied with the camera doesn't fire. Don't know whether I've damaged the camera or the flash. I can understand Samsung not wanting you to use another make of flash but to go to this extent is a bit much. Any thoughts?

Identical thing I tried with a nx300, same result. (Same motive, inquisitive nature).

A pity, now it's my flash-less body, an irritation, but having other Samsungs and mostly using them with available light, not too bad.

The flash, you'll find when you test it on another body should be undamaged.

I gather the problem is voltage overload 'frying' an in-camera circuit.

A bit late, I know, but when you get yourself another Samsung (most Samsung owners seem to accumulate bodies!) a nice work-round I found, to get that powerful flash with bounce or off-camera capability you need, is to buy an inexpensive strobist-type manual flash, like Yongnuo.

It doesn't matter what camera model the flash is dedicated to (mine are for Nikon), using the SEF 8A on the camera and the YN mode set for slave, the miniflash fires your main flash by optical synch. No cables, no contacts.

(Set the power increment you need on the YN).

A basic bracket will mount both together, the YN on a threaded cold shoe.

The little 'command' flash fires the YN 'slave' even when mounted side by side - outside the angle, you'd think, of the optical sensor.

Sounds clumsy, actually is a simple, not cumbersome setup. And cheaper than the hard to find SS flashguns. Great when you want off-camera, directional lighting (plus a little fill-in from the 8A) - you can slip the Yongnuo off the bracket and aim it one-handed at the subject. Or fix it somewhere further away. The synch range by the 8A is quite good, especially indoors.

Hope this helps, for next time...

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