Wide Angle to UWA Wedding Lens Recommendation

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Re: Wide Angle to UWA Wedding Lens Recommendation

Apparently having more megapixels in a cropped 1.64:1 Picture (33MP) than your whole sensor readout raw image in 3:2 with 30.1 MP is not alarming to you - the program would never lie to you I guess All native resolution baby, all detail.

Okay - Just a quick recap:

Adobe can't do it properly, bad software.

Canon apparently doesn't know what it is doing as well, I need DXO Photolab because it unlocks the secret sauce© raw data sensor readout that swaps this fisheye distortion from the left for the picture on the righty with a hefty crop while holding the same megapixels and detail, because f math and logic and hooray feelings. Let's only look at it without pixel peeping or counting native resolution. And if I don't like it, that error must be on my side. Congrats Canon, you really know your customers. They can now release the Canon R7 with the same sensor as the R6 but with digitally enhanced™ 500 Megapixels.

RF 16mm uncorrected vs corrected

The point is that the big distortion from this lens is a disadvantage on lower MP sensors. And I don't really know how and why anyone would argue against that. See my initial post. All I heard in several posts now is that "my software is doing a pretty good job at upscaling the image and removing the distortion" while you don't even have a sensor with low MP. You still have plenty more resolution and detail than the EOS R6 with that lens. It works for you - great. I am not telling you to stop using it - we are not even comparable, you have 50% more resolution to begin with. It doesn't work for me and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with an R6 except for social media.

And because you asked me so kindly, I will also give DXO PL5 a shot. Always looking for better alternatives, yet no one performed as good for me as lightroom (yet).

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