BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

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OP Jamil Abbasy Senior Member • Posts: 1,410
Re: BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

jjuncal wrote:

Yeah, you're confirming my thoughts about it.

Thank you Jamil in taking time to reply.

hope you'll, despite of bleeding, enjoying your new monitor.

No problem. Let us know how your BenQ is when it arrives. Part of me is thinking to go with the Apple Studio Display and possibly a 2nd display (maybe this Eizo CG2700X) for color critical work.   ASD won't arrive until late May, so I have time to do more research.

I'm also debating what computer to get.  I was planning to replace the iMac with a Mac Studio, but am thinking to just use this 14" MPB for a while or get a 16" MBP to use mainly as a desktop.  Any of these can handle multiple displays.  The noise and fan high pitched whine issue of the Mac Studio makes me think the MBP is a better route.

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