BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

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Re: BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

jjuncal wrote:

I also ordered the benq because of the color space and waiting for it but your pictures make me considering to cancel my order and get the apple studio display instead.

When I saw the following video on YouTube I thought that this light bleeding wouldn’t be a problem

At 15:40 you can see the light bleed… it doesn’t seem that bad although he’s Benq embassador and shows the best part of it…

I've seen that video too. BenQ is obviously giving him good samples to test. The video does show significant IPS glow, but mine was a lot worse.

Btw, may I ask if you see any benefits of the adobe rgb 99% coverage compared to your MacBook? Does it make such a difference? We all know that Benq has an agressive marketing offering units to reviewers and they may have their opinions biased…

I'm coming from an iMac 5K 27" that I've had for years.  I'm sure it had it's own IPS glow and  other issues.  I probably tested them when I got it in 2019, but can't remember.  Bottom line is that any issues weren't noticeable editing images in Lightroom.  I don't have it to compare since I traded it to Apple for credit.  When comparing side by side with the 14" MacBook Pro I couldn't see any noticeable differences when going through my images.  Really the only difference was that the 4K BenQ was softer due to the lower pixel density.

I soft proofed using the different colors paces (sRGB, P3, and Adobe RGB) and most of my images are within the P3 and sRGB spaces.  One image that I recently edited on the iMac and printed 50 5x7s to send to friends and family  was clipped for may colored in the Adobe RGB space.  However, it wasn't an issue and matched the screen perfectly on the iMac.  And keep in mind that a print will almost NEVER match the screen perfectly.  There will always be something different.  (I'm typing that line as a reminder for myself too).  Would a wide gamut that has more Adobe RGB make these differences slightly less?  I'm not sure it would really make that much of a difference especially when I look up the gamut maps for Epson printers compared to color spaces.  None of them overlap the same.

I'm also planning to make some books soon from Blurb and they require images to be converted to sRGB, so the benefits of the wide gamut display are negated.

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