Viltrox NF-M1 Auto Focus Nikon F-mount Lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3

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Re: Not what I expected

goblin wrote:

I don't have the adapter with me so I can't check, but - why the no IBIS ?

How do you know IBIS doesn't work ? Is it grayed out ? Or does it simply not perform well ?

IBIS can be set manually in the camera to a specified focal length (use x2 factor I think, so set to 600mm for a 300mm lens). Or, if the lens reports its focal lengths - IBIS on the camera will simply work.

Combined IBIS (camera body + lens) will not work, as it doesn't even work with all lenses in-house. Only specific models (at least at Olympus) are compatible with in-body+lens stabilization at the same time.

This is a feature at the camera level. One can't blame Viltrox for not having bypassed a limitation the OEM manufacturer itself has implemented.

So for stabilization - either disable Lens VR and use IBIS, either disable IBIS and use lens VR.

On the 200-500mm Nikon specifically, the position of the lens switches matters enormously. I don't remember what was what, but I think I have commented on it in this very thread. If I remember well setting the lens VR mode to SPORT cleared quite a few gremlins for me.

Again - it is probably not worth buying the 200-500mm for this adapter, but it's definitely worth buying the adapter for this lens


IBIS does not work in body period, however lens VR works with the lenses I own and tested. Not just my conclusion but everybody who's smart enough to know when IBIS is working. I'd say it would be hard for anyone to miss 7 stops of IBIS on an E-M1X don't you think? I'm guessing that you're guessing about the IBIS and not through actual experience. When you do you'll find out for yourself.

It's only worth buying if it works for you, for me it does not. If all you need is S-AF and no IBIS then thats great for you but not for me.


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