Viltrox NF-M1 Auto Focus Nikon F-mount Lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3

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Re: Not what I expected

Michael Benveniste wrote:

Beshkno wrote:

Not sure how I missed this but just read that IBIS does not work on this adapter. Had I known I would not have bought it. My fault. aAl the rest irrelevant.

What I seem to observe is that IBIS works on the GX85 with the adapter, but it doesn't play well if you also have VR switch turned on in the lens. So one or the other.

Hi, For the past couple days I've been using this adapter on several lenses, and although it does work on some of my lenses my disappointment is the lack of IBIS on my Olympus body and the AF performance or lack thereof on my Nikon 200-500 for which was one of two lenses I bought this adapter.

Although it works and lens VR works it will only hold VR for a couple seconds. Of course with no IBIS it significantly limits hand held opportunities. Disappointment #1.

Disappointmen #2 is that although listed on the Viltrox website my AF-S 300mm 1:4 D ED does not work and only a blank dark screen. I used every possible setting in lens and camera, even MF modes but with no luck.

My 85 f1.8 & 35 f.18 DX seemed to work fine but those lenses are not why I got this adapter. I have also noticed some IQ degradation , mostly in the 200-500 (even when on tripod ) and VR disabled) but likely due to the increase in focal length.

My 14-24 2.8 seems to work however, the AF motor growls when used and same with the 35mm DX. Perhaps the adapter's plastic construction and the hollow space it creates amplifies it but it's defiantly much louder.

So what this all mean to me? It comes down to justifying the $200 I spent to have limited capabilities on my 200-500, no capabilities on my AF-S 300mm 1:4 D ED,. Acceptable performance on my 85 1.8 but @ 170mm equivalent focal length not something I use or need. Acceptable performance with my DX 35 1.8 which give me a usable 70mm but not why I bought the adapter. Acceptable performance with my 14-24 2.8 which would be usable however not only not what I wanted to use with the adapter as I have high MP bodies which do more justice with that lens than M4/3 for landscapes etc.

If I were to make a decision today I would return it because my only reason was to get 1000mm to 1400mm with MC14 or TC1.4 but without IBIS and a usable Lens VR it would become a very limited tripod mount for those long shots I encounter in the Rockies. Additionally with the 300mm 2.8 D not working at all I lose a fast 600mm 2.8 with opportunities for TC 1.4, 1.7 or 2.0.

"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept"
-Ansel Adams

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