Anyone using manual focus lenses with the Panasonic S1/S1R?

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Does it feel good to use?

The only issue with Canon is that whilst they make great cameras they also tend to update them with with fanatical  frequency in order to keep their production lines busy.  I paused at the 5D and suddenly found that they had produced the II, III IV and sr almost before I could figuratively blink.  Not so bad but when these are premium priced bodies then staying up to date gets expensive.  Not that they are unique in this if we consider Nikon and Sony to be in the same club.

The advantage with Panasonic L and their M4/3  business model is that they tend to spray out completely different models rather than updating much the same thing with much the same thing only a bit better quite frequently.

I did buy a remaindered price 5Ds in the firm surety that  Canon was not about to update it any time soon  Despite being a premium niche model the 5Ds seems strangely antique in use compared to the more slick and developed  Panasonic interface that I had become used to.

The S1/S1R and the S5 are pretty complete and finished camera bodies and don’t seem to be the precursors of a trickle out update plan.

With camera bodies all pretty good these days I would like my need to purchase new bodies to be spaced out much more.

Pleasure to use does not rank highly in reviews.

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