Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Re: Where could I find that comparison...

Thanks, Jim.

I hope its not too long until the G400 is out, it looks like a real contender as well. My biggest gripe with all the P&S is focus time and shutter lag and Minolta claims to have improved that in the G400.


Jim Cockfield wrote:

Jim Dawson wrote:

where the G500 "buries" the A80 and S400? I have a EOS 1D and want
a pocketable P&S. I was considering an A80 or S400, but would look
at a Minolta if it, in fact, "buries" those two.

Or is this just Canon bashing or Minolta promoting.


I think I probably got the first one, out of any of the posters
here (I bought the Japanese Model Konica KD-510z in mid July).

I seriously doubt that it "buries them". However, it does take
nice photos -- especially for a subcompact model. I'm quite
pleased with mine.

There are two forum posters here that have owned both the Canon
S400, and the KD-510z (G500).

Note that the Konica engineers actually developed this camera as
the Konica Revio KD-510z (as it is still being marketed in Asia and
Europe). In the U.S., after the Konica-Minolta merger, a decision
was made to introduce it in the U.S. as the Minolta DiMAGE G500.
Other than the logo, the two cameras are identical.

See my response to someone comparing the S400 and the G500 in this
thread (it points to the posts with quotes and links from users of
both cameras).

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Canon 1D, A80, and G-III QL (yes - film)

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