Viltrox NF-M1 Auto Focus Nikon F-mount Lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3

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Re: A few questions

Beshkno wrote:

Michael Benveniste wrote:

I don’t have either of those lenses, but I can try with a 50mm f/1.8 or a 105mm VR. After the firmware update the Sigma 85mm and 180mm lenses now work, but the 100-400mm still does not.

Hi, I just got this adapter but so far very mixed feelings. Perhaps some from misguided expectations so I'll ask a few questions.

Does the Olympus (eM1x) in body IS work with Nikon lenses or does nee have to rely on the lens IS? None of the several AFS G lenses on the M1X worked with body IS. Is there something that needs to be configured other than having IS turned on as it's been on my body.

Do you lose light as in aperture.? Without a study of exposures with & without the adapter, I noticed a considerable difference is exposures with the adapter. Perhaps a couple stops maybe more.

Interestingly I had lenses not listed on their website which seemed to work but others which were listed did not. My 200-500 & 85mm f1.8 & 70-200 f.2.8 VR and even my 18-200 f3.5-6.3 worked but no in body IS on any.

I'm hoping (wishfully) that I've missed a setting to configure or that a firmware is out there waiting to fix my issues. If not it"s going back.

Not sure how I missed this but just read that IBIS does not work on this adapter. Had I known I would not have bought it. My fault. aAl the rest irrelevant.


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