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Hi, I would choose the MK11 over the Mk1 as the MK1 had a fixed screen, i found it quite easy to accidentally press the play back button when putting it in my pocket or case, resulting with a flat battery a few times. The MK2 has a flip screen that protrudes out the back bit, which I found protected it a bit from that and I never had it happen again with my MK11or my MKV1 ever again. MK1 and MK11 both great cameras though.


Thanks, Les, I now find MK1 in nice condition with original packaging for 70 euros and MK2s for over 160 euros. Is that worth paying more than double? Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge Les.

Is the tilting screen worth 90 euros to you? It wouldn't be for me.

Yes, Tom I just went with MK1 with 32GB sd and case for 70 euros as both MK2 sellers told me that they can't sell below 170 euros. Thanks a lot for your help Tom.


I just realized from your gear list you already bought an m1. I was too lasy to read the whole thread where you said so.


Way back in 2012 I wrote a 14 page super condensed manual and learning guide for that model. If you want it, send me a private message with your email address and I will send it along.

best of luck with it.

Ey Elliott! Can I have your manual too?

Thanks a lot!

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