Nano texture or standard anti glare coating for new Studio Display

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Re: Nano texture or standard anti glare coating for new Studio Display

old_but_still_good wrote:

A bit off topic per my original post..

Back on topic - I ordered the ASD with the regular glass.  I don't like the loss of sharpness and the difficulty cleaning it.  And, I've never had a problem with the glossy iMac screen.

ArtIsRight did seem to make a big deal about the Studio Display being P3 instead of Adobe RGB. I am not convinced this is really an issue. They are both “wide gamut” color spaces. The Adobe tends more to cyan and P3 tends a bit more towards reds and yellows. Saying which is better seems to me a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. Take your pick. I think I understand that Adobe is more suitable to CMYK pre-press, but for printing with an inkjet?

Agreed!  I did some color space sRGB, Adobe RGB, and P3 color space soft proofing of images in Lightroom and almost all the images I have printed in the past year fell well inside even sRGB.  A few were way out of Adobe RGB but still matched my old iMac without any problem.

I found an article that compared both Adobe RGD to P3 against the gamut of an Epson 3880 printer. It was very hard to discern any real difference but if I was forced to choose I would probably give the nod to P3.

I looked up the same thing and came to the same conclusion.

Apologies in advance for hijacking my own thread. I guess this was bad form.

I enjoy this discussion.  It's good to see other people combining the extremes of 1. you don't need to color manage or profile vs. 2. must have wide gamut matte display and obsess over the Delta E values (which I can't even explain exactly what they are without going and looking it up again) and coming up with a solution that works.


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