Anyone using manual focus lenses with the Panasonic S1/S1R?

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Re: Anyone using manual focus lenses with the Panasonic S1/S1R?

I can't really add much to what Alun and Tom have already said about the S1 when it comes to shooting stills with an S1 and adapted / vintage lenses. I will say though that I find it better to use than the S5 due to the better EVF and LCD panel, plus it has better IBIS. Another nice feature (if you wear glasses) is that you can "shrink" the view in the EFV so that you are able to see the whole frame, even if your glasses keep your eye a bit further away from the viewfinder.

In terms of shooting video with adapted lenses, the S1 is a truly excellent camera. The major "drawback" is that you can't shoot in full frame mode at 60fps in 4K. If you want to shoot in 4K 60fps, it crops in to APS-C sensor coverage. (If you want to shoot in 4K 60fps with a full frame sensor coverage, you would need to either shoot with a Canon R6, or the Sony a7S III, OR you could get the S1 and it shoots 4K 60p with about a 1.1 crop of the full frame sensor, but with pixel binning and no 10-bit options).

Some of the excellent video features of the S1 (once you buy the film makers upgrade which costs US $200) include:

Internal 6K video recording at 24 / 30fps 10-bit 4:2:0 (15-minute limit)

10-bit 4:2:2 V-LOG at 24 / 25 / 30fps (and 50 / 60fps with above-mentioned aps-c crop). But you also get 10-bit color even if you don't shoot in V-LOG profile.

No time limit for 4K 10-bit vide at 24 / 25 / 30fps (the S5 has a 30-minute limit, not sure about the S1R)

Waveforms (Thank You, Panasonic!!!)

The ability to shoot in 5.9K RAW video, either in ProRes RAW (with an Atomos Ninja V) or in BlackMagic RAW (BRAW) with a Black Magic Video Assist.

Excellent mechanical stabilization with the ability to use electronic enhanced stabilization

full size hdmi port

A ton of customizable buttons

The on-screen touch function "strip" (I don't know the actual name of it... it is a vertical "strip" on the right side of the LCD panel that you can slide out and then make some adjustments that way).

Pretty darn good audio preamps. (I don't know how good the camera's in-built mics are, but using a shotgun or livelier mics plugged in to the 3.5mm jack is great as long as the mic isn't TOO hot because you can only go down to -12db, not -18, IIRC)

The ability to get more telephoto "reach" by shooting in pixel-to-pixel sensor readout.

As for the cons, the biggest one I already pointed out (4K 60fps is only available in aps-c crop). The other drawbacks are the lack of an AA filter so you could get some moire (i find it is pretty well controlled), and the lack of an all-i codec (the S1h and the GH5 series have available all-i codecs, while the S1 / S5 / S1R have only Long GOP codecs).

Also it is kind of big and heavy. some people find that a benefit. I find it more of a con. The S5 is much easier to use on a gimbal than the S1, due to the lighter weigh, smaller size, and flip-out screen of the S5.

If you are serious about video, the S1 is definitely a good camera. The GH6 might be a better option for truly serious video production needs, IF you don't need the better dynamic range / low light / high iso performance of a full frame sensor.

Haven't used the Sony a7 IV, nor the Canon R6. I am sure they are both great. The potential overheating issues of the Canon R6 mean that I am not seriously considering it as a viable 4K video camera for my needs. The a7 IV lacks some video features like internal 6K and waveforms, and the 4K 60fps is only available in an aps-c crop mode.

On the other hand, if adapting Canon EF-lenses, they work better on the Sony a7 IV with the Sigma MC-11 (or metabones adapter) than they do on the S1 / S5 line with the Sigma MC-21.

Anyway, hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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