Anyone using manual focus lenses with the Panasonic S1/S1R?

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Re: Anyone using manual focus lenses with the Panasonic S1/S1R?

As a matter of fact I have (a list of some lenses and their compatibility with various adapters):

The Fotodiox Fusion does better than the Sigma MC-21 but not nearly as well as the Metabones EF-M4/3 adapter or even Viltrox EF-M4/3.

Basically easy-adapt lenses work well enough in S-AF even if they are not super-swift I am happy enough with them.  C-AF is locked out entirely although the Commlite is said to support at least some lenses for C-AF but in general the Commlite does not seem to be getting good reports - I have not tested it myself.

My favourites would be the Canon EF 100/2.8 macro, the 40/2.8 Pancake and the 50/1.8 STM.  The EF-S  55-250/4.0-5.6 is sweet and has to be auto crop-sensor as are a number of Sigma DC (aps-c) lenses I have in EF mount.  I suspect that most if not all Sigma lenses in EF mount will do S-AF fairly well.  If money is no object then the Canon EF 35/1.4L II like the one I snagged as a lucky buy would live up to its rave reviews.

I did have a great stock of EF lenses from way back which I have relentlessly hung on to. Enough for me to take a step back in evolution and acquire a 5Ds in Canons dslr fire sale.

A camera body that I could not make myself afford when first sold and secure in the knowledge that I had one of the better dslr bodies to match my lenses and that Canon was not going to supersede it any time soon.

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