Focusing "problems" / blury photos with 7D mark ii + Tamron 150-600mm G1...

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Focusing "problems" / blury photos with 7D mark ii + Tamron 150-600mm G1...

BRIEF INTRO: So. She got her first 7D2 in place about 1 week ago or so, and she's been at it with the camera + tamron 150-600mm G1 lens. She used that lens on the 1000D before she got the 7d2 in house. She's been a dedicated hobby photographer for quite some years now, where she's been taking photos of animals, particularly squirrels and birds (with eagle as her favorite one to shoot photos of). With the 7d mark ii in the house, she is loving the potential of the camera, but for now, she seems to be kinda stuck with these clear and unclear photos. I really want to help her with this, hence why im hoping that dpreview-users will come to the rescue.

THE PROBLEM: The "problem" is that quite often, the photos get rather out of focus aka blury, and we are wondering WHY that is happening. She's been able to snap some clear ones, though, but quite often, the photos end up being out of focus + the camera's AF does not seem to be able to "follow" the object she's photographing, especially the birds...

It should also be noted that the red dots when she's taking photos are often in the place where she wants them to focus on, but once the photo is taken, the particular section is out of focus...

WHAT SHE HAS TRIED DOING SO FAR: She's tried to follow various youtubers showing her some settings etc, but that didn't seem to help. She also tried switching VC OFF (when using a tripod and also handheld) on her Tamron-lens, but that didn't help. She's also updated the firmware for the camera to the latest one, but that didn't help either.

We understand that it is a lot of trial and error with the 7d2, since it's a camera that one needs to be patient with, but we're hoping that dpreview-users will have some nice pointers, advises and tips that will help her improving the quality of her photos.

We have included some samples of her most recent photos that shows 1 out of focus/blury and 1 "clear" photo of a squirrel and a bird, just to give you lot and idea on how it looks and what she's struggling with.

If there's anything else regarding information about her photos and camera settings that's needed, let me know and i'll reply asap.

PS: Pardon if this was posted in the wrong section, but i still hope there will be help to get.

Unclear/out of focus squirrel with Canon 7D mark ii + Tamron 150-600mm G1

"Clear" squirrel with Canon 7D mark ii + Tamron 150-600mm G1

Out of focus birdie

In-focus birdie...

Canon EOS 1000D (EOS Rebel XS / Kiss F Digital) Canon EOS 7D Mark II Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 Di VC USD
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