BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

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Re: BenQ SW321c Backlight Bleed...normal or problematic?

strawbale wrote:

MiguelD wrote:

Normal. Benq monitors are known to have great specs on paper and mediocre build quality. Eizo wanna be without the engineering and QA. Did you check for blown pixels?


Like most mid-priced products from most manufacturers, QC is decent at best. They only discard the obvious lemons, so you have to be lucky to get a (near) perfect one. That's true for BenQ, but equally true for Dell, HP, etc. It's even true for the least expensive Eizo's. A bit like kit lenses vs pro lenses.

So I got home tonight before sunset and it was very bright in the room even with the mini-blinds closed.  The BenQ display looked great and I couldn't see any of the problems.  However, as soon as the sun set and it got just dark enough to be difficult to read a book in the room, I could see the backlight bleed and corner bronzing problem.

I posted about this over on MacRumors and one person responded saying that I should really just be seeing a dark screen with a black image and that I first need to calibrate with Pallete Master first.  So, like you said, I think some come out good and others are duds.

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